Ladies Cutscissor, razor or clipper techniques
flat or curling iron, roller set, add $10
Ladies Long Haircut with hair below shoulders with any technique$55
Bang Trimforehead fringe$6 - $8
Gentlemen's Cutscissor, razor or clipper technique
shampoo and dry complimentary
Children 12 & Underclean, brushed hair
shampoo or removing severe tangles extra $20


Base Colorroots to ends or root smudge$65
Foilsindividually priced to accent or enhance dimension$8 - $10 each
Partial Foilsup to 25 foils strategically placed to enhance dimension$80
Partial Foils on Long Hairhair past shoulders$100
Full Foilsup to 50 foils strategically placed to enhance dimension$95
Full Foils on Long Hairhair past shoulders$115
Full Foilsup to 100 foils strategically placed to enhance dimension$120
Full Foils on Long Hairhair past shoulders$140
Balayage/Ombre’melting tones / hair painting$165
Balayage/Ombre’ on Long Hairhair past shoulders$185
Cap Highlighthighlight or low-light for grey blending, dimensional enhancement
not a recommended technique for long hair past shoulders


Color pigments to tone, brighten, layer or deepen natural or previously color treated hair 
With Color Service$25
With Color Service on Long Hair$35
Stand Alone Service$45
Stand Alone Service on Long Hair$55

Hair Services

Blow Out/Iron$35
Senior Roller Set$35
Up Do/Formal Style $50 & up
Up Do/Formal Style on Long Hairhair past shoulders$70 & up
Hair Strengthening Treatmenttransform dry, damaged, or compromised hair with this intense treatment$35
Hair Strengthening Treatment with Blowout$65
Hair Extensions
first appointment: required consultation with quote at consultationPrice starts at $700

Perms & Straightening

Service NotesPrice
Beach Wave, Loose Curls, Body Wave$95
Beach Wave, Loose Curls, Body Wave on Long Hairhair past shoulders$125
Spiral, Springy Curls$125
Spiral, Springy Curls on Long Hairhair past shoulders$150
Keratin Smoothing Treatment$165

Book a haircut with any color or perm of $65 or higher and receive a $5.00 credit towards your service.

Online scheduling

*STUDIO ONLY. All prices subject to change.  Promotions are offered in studio only, for Travel Prices call first.